Welcome to this website. The purpose of this site is to secure the nomination and election of Bernie Sanders to the Presidency of the United States of America. We are also working towards persuading Elizabeth Warren to join him on the ticket. This country desperately needs both of these outstanding individuals to lead us in furthering our political revolution.

All of the articles you see here were written by writers of distinction who have voluntarily allowed me to publish their works. I want to draw your attention to two new pages, Radio Free Kansas’  program Sunday on Sanders hosted by me every Sunday from 1:00 to 2:00 pm that hosts a variety of guests discussing the latest on our Bernie and second, MICHAEL MOORE, a page featuring Where to Invade Next, his new great film.


To Do What Must Be Done

This website is unofficial. It is not authorized by Bernie Sanders or by Elizabeth Warren or anyone else connected with them. It is my sole responsibility. Its purpose is to find out how many Americans will support a Sanders-Warren presidential bid in 2016, and on the basis of that information, encourage them to do so. 

About J Mike Pryor

November 1, 2013

For 43 joyous years of my life, I was a high school English, Drama and Shakespeare teacher and a passionate student of Politics. I am now retired and a volunteer at JUST FOOD, Douglas County Food Bank, http://justfoodks.org/  I began teaching in the Los Angeles area of California in 1967 and later transferred to the Department of Defense Education Authority that operates schools teaching children of the men and women in the armed forces all around the world. Stationed in Cuba, England, and Germany for 28 years and as a passionate student of politics, I got a first-hand look at how different societies and governments function while avidly observing politics in action here at home. I currently abide in Lawrence, Kansas, or as many would have it, Brownbackistan and am active in the Democratic Party and the Douglas County Coalition for Bernie Sanders for President that I founded.

J Mike Pryor

As I observe the expansion of the consciousness of our society and strains placed on the very fabric of our lives, I sense a deep disconnect, a loss of many of the values that guided the Founding Fathers of our country. We have experienced in the last one hundred years not only a loss of innocence; but also, a loss of faith in the goodness of humanity, and we have replaced that faith with fear and suspicion. It’s time to sweep away the negative cobwebs of the painful past and focus on a future of positivity and accomplishment. As I begin to step onto the slippery slope of old age and death, I want to make one last contribution, no matter how small, to the society that has helped shaped me. Thus, you see the general drift of this space, a space dedicated to supporting Bernie Sanders for President and, hopefully, Elizabeth Warren as his Vice President.